Simon & Wendy Hall

Simon & Wendy are our link missionaries and they are based in Nepal.  We agreed as a church to support Simon & Wendy in prayer.

They work as part of a BMS team providing support to the education system in Nepal and are currently living in Besi-Sahar in the Lamjung area.

Here is part of a current prayer letter from them –

“After a great journey across Nepal, we are now resettling back into ‘the village’. Though we miss family and friends, we are happy to be back. We return to our flat. It’s a space which we can call our own and is littered with possessions, photos and nick-nicks representing our seven years of life in Nepal. On our arrival, we were greeted by a baby goat waiting outside the door, the neighbours’ corn harvest drying on the washing lines and a little more mould in the kitchen than we were expecting. A short while later we had an excited reunion with the landlord who invited us upstairs to join the Teej celebrations. Teej is the festival of women. During Teej women feast, dance, fast, pray for their husbands and interestingly bathe in red mud for the forgiveness of sins. On the roof of our house we enjoyed a special daal bhat (with two kinds of meat!), and dancing to the rhythms of the grainy YouTube songs on loop.

Our flat is situated in a commune of Nepali neighbours. It is a place of vibrant life. People talking, cooking outside and raising their families together. The talk of today is “where did the water go?” Water normally flows twice a day and is stored on the roof in big tanks, but for the last couple of days it is Missing-In-Action. To be without water in the monsoon is uncommon, and for many people right now, the problems with water are not shortages, but deluges. As you may have seen in the news, much of the south of Nepal has been severely affected by flooding and landslides. Many lives and property and have been lost. The full extent won’t be realised until the water levels go down, but food shortages and rising prices are expected as the crops will certainly have failed. We would ask you to pray for all those affected.

Back here in the Lamjung valley, the pouring rains have meant only that the fields and hills in the valley are alive and adorned with the rich greens of life. Most of the trees we planted have grown rapidly in our absence and Wendy has finally been able to sow seeds in our own patch of the communal gardens.

As we become settled here, there are some things we are excited about and would like to share with you.

We have a team of students from KISC coming out for a service trip and we would value your prayer in arranging their projects. We are hoping that they will be able to paint some murals in schools, organise a children’s program and maybe even donate blood in the hospital.

The body that organises professional development for teachers in Nepal has asked us to help write some training materials that would be used across the country. This is an amazing opportunity and we would ask you to pray for wisdom as we work on this.

Finally, a family of doctors from the USA and their three daughters have returned to the village after an extended period away. We hope to be able to support each other in life here together.

Thank you for all your prayer and support.

May God Bless You

Simon, Wendy and Baby L

Prayer Points:

  • That we will be able to continue to strengthen foundations, in the compound community where we live, in the schools where we work, and to be part of establishing something that will have a long-lasting effect.
  • For those facing floods in the southern part of the country, and across South Asia including India and Bangladesh. For the relief and recovery operations. For those that have lost their homes and crops. For the aftermath of the flooding as people try and put their lives back together.

They previously worked at Kathmandu International Study Centre (KISC).  Simon, a communications officer from Croydon, has volunteered with BMS at KISC since 2010. Wendy – who is from Minnesota, USA – has lived in Nepal for several years and began teaching at KISC in 2011.The couple met while teaching at KISC and got married in Nepal in June 2012.

Simon’s home church is South Norwood Baptist Church.

Follow this link to their blog!