Simon & Wendy Hall

Simon & Wendy are our link missionaries and they are based in Nepal.  We agreed as a church to support Simon & Wendy in prayer.

They work as part of a BMS team providing support to the education system in Nepal and are currently living in Besi-Sahar in the Lamjung area.

We have set up a What’sApp group to keep in touch with Simon & Wendy – if you would like to be included then see Julia.

This is their latest prayer letter –

Back at it.
One week ago today we landed in Kathmandu! The first morning we could hardly function because we missed a night of sleep entirely, and had been travelling with a 1 yr old. Simon actually fell asleep on a hard floor about two feet from an empty sofa. We stayed at some friends’ house in Kathmandu… they were also on home assignment so their house would have otherwise been empty. It was lovely to have a nice place to stay instead of a hotel room.                                                                                                                                                                     Within the first week Simon managed to attend some meetings, get his Nepali driver’s license, hand in the paperwork for our visas, book a van, (and a driver) to take us to Besisahar, and do his work permit interview with the labour office. Little L and I went shopping to get all the supplies and food we can’t get in our town. We stocked up on frozen sausages, mince, cheese, tins of beans, iodine, dried fruit, nappies, baby food and seed for my birds. This morning we got in a van with all our suitcases from the U.K. and stockpiles of shopping from Kathmandu. The journey took only seven hours with two stops, which is good under any circumstances.                                                                                                                                          Upon arrival in Besi we greeted our landlords and neighbours. Everyone was excited. We had some tea together and the older sons of one of our neighbours helped Simon bring in the heaviest suitcases from the roadside. I surveyed the flat, which had been shut up for a few months, minus the one week when the Landlord’s son got married, and supposedly 15 women stayed in our flat. It was dusty and spiderey inside, but not mouldy or roachy, which is great. I also found a dead bird under the washing machine… The landlady kindly helped me remove the poor little sucker, as we pondered how it may have entered the well-sealed flat… it probably came in with the 15 ladies, but that is just my opinion. It took about 3 hrs to clean the flat to a decent enough living standard.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Home assignment was great, and we left feeling refreshed, but it is always hard to say goodbye to one life and transition to a vastly different one. We already miss family and friends from our home countries, and an occasional skype is by no means the same as being present as life happens. But presence is important here as well. Simon got straight back to work. He and a computer teacher from a partner school, took a jeep that got stuck in the mud, and then hiked up to a village school to install a computer lab.  This has been part of an ongoing project with Microsoft, and the local government to provide schools with battery-powered labs that can run all day, even without electricity.     We have always liked this particular school. It is very receptive, and the Principal is a humble man He was even willing to clean and sweep for hours as the empty boxes piled high throughout the day. Devastatingly, as we had just finished, a phone call came in that three students from the school had been swimming in the river when a dam upstream was opened. The teachers immediately grabbed their coats and jumped on their motorbikes or started walking down the hill towards town to help search for them. As of now, one student was rescued and is currently in hospital, the other two have not been found.


Prayer Points:

  • for the families of the students who were in the river
  • Settling in is hard. We sometimes feel homesick, the transitions are an especially vulnerable time for us.
  • The completion of the plan to install 4 labs in local schools. 3 are done, there is one left to do.
  • Health for ourselves and Little L… it is monsoon season, so lots of bugs going around.
  • The expanded EQUIP school-support program in Lamjung where we live
  • Other members of the EQUIP team

Simon & Wendy previously worked at Kathmandu International Study Centre (KISC).  Simon, a communications officer from Croydon, has volunteered with BMS at KISC since 2010. Wendy – who is from Minnesota, USA – has lived in Nepal for several years and began teaching at KISC in 2011.The couple met while teaching at KISC and got married in Nepal in June 2012.

Simon’s home church is South Norwood Baptist Church.

Follow this link to their blog!