South Tenerife Christian Fellowship

We were invited to lead the Ministry at South Tenerife Christian Fellowship in Los Cristianos for the month of December. It was lovely to have fellowship again with friends we had made on our previous visits, to enjoy their warm hospitality, and to make new ones.

STCF is an English speaking Church which welcomes holiday makers, short term visitors (swallows) and residents. The actual membership is small but the Sunday morning Services average 200 with visitors from many different countries worshipping together and hearing God`s Word through the ministers who visit for short periods. It is so heartening to worship in such a situation and Christmas time was especially encouraging with both a piano and keyboard leading the enthusiastic singing. The visitors appear to really appreciate the ministry provided.

Aileen led the Services and Graham preached the Word. We often included some duets or solos. The Prayer and Bible study was also led by Graham whilst Aileen spoke at the ladies` prayer group. Usually 15 – 20 ladies were present while the men used their energy playing “paddle tennis”. As with all Churches, the situation was not perfect so much time was spent in a more pastoral role.

Please continue to pray for the ongoing work this Church does and for the small number of resident members ( about 12 ) who work hard to provide a place of welcome and encouragement to the very varied visitors. Many of the visitors show their real gratitude for the help received there, so there is much to be grateful for too.

We look forward to being with them again in January 2019.

Graham & Aileen